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Anniversary celebrates staff

Published 22nd July, 2016
On Wednesday 20 August, Therapy Focus employees came together at Fremantle Sailing Club to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of colleagues as part of the organisation’s 18th Anniversary celebrations.

The event saw a number of employees receive recognition for 5, 10 and 15 years of dedicated service, as well as the presentation of Therapy Focus’ annual Board Award and People’s Choice Award.

The Board Award recognises the significant contribution of an employee who exceeds expectations and continuously achieves excellence. Therapy Focus Board Director, David Cox, had the honour of presenting the 2016 Board Award to Occupational Therapist, Alice Kettle.

The following is an excerpt from Alice’s nomination, which was submitted by Therapy Focus Team Leaders, Niamh Fitzmaurice and Nicole Seath.

“Alice is one of the most dedicated clinicians that we have the pleasure of working with. Despite her own heavy clinical caseload, Alice can consistently be relied upon to support other staff and contribute to new activities and projects. She will generally volunteer for new roles if she is not first sought out for her insight and knowledge.”

Read the full nomination.

Board Director, David Cox, with Occupational Therapist, Alice Kettle
Pictured: Therapy Focus Board Director, David Cox with 2016 Board Award winner, Alice Kettle.
Nominations for the People’s Choice Award are submitted by Therapy Focus clients, families and carers who wish to acknowledge exceptional service and recognise employees who have gone ‘above and beyond’ in their personal opinion. Therapy Focus Parent Reference Group member, Amanda Reed, presented the 2016 People’s Choice Award to Physiotherapist, Janesta Stobbe.

The following is an excerpt from Janesta’s nomination, which was submitted by Geraldine Lim whose son Kal-El receives services from Therapy Focus.

“Janesta is someone who has inspired us through her attitude and persistence. She has empowered us as parents by providing education, creative ideas, knowledge and her strong experience in working with kids like Kal-el. We can testify that from day one, Janesta has guided us and supported us, keeping us updated about her observations of Kal-el’s progress, her ideas to help his progress and, most of all, what she has been able to achieve for Kal-el through hard work, perseverance and a passionate commitment to see our son live the life we want him to live.”

Read the full nomination.

Parent Reference Group member, Amanda Reed with Physiotherapist, Janesta Stobbe
Pictured: Therapy Focus Parent Reference Group member, Amanda Reed with 2016 People’s Choice Award winner, Janesta Stobbe.

Janesta was selected as the winner by Therapy Focus’ Parent Reference Group, who reviewed a total of 14 nominations. Thank you to the individuals and families who submitted a nomination for the following employees:

Nominee Nominator
Alice Kettle Nathan & Paisha Cook
Brittany Maiolo Audrey Uren
Emily Greenwood Bernadette Woodman
Jaime Offord Kozue Nakada
Sarah Hartmann Nichole & Nicholas Datzberger
Staci Fisher Chrissy Holly
Victoria Johnson Linda Pearse
Carmel McDougall          Shane & Myriam Knight
Caitlin Bryer Kim Bidwell
Ciara O’Neill Elie & Samar Sassine
Danielle Cottam Dawn Barker
Prue Taylor Nathalie Thompson
Katy Payne Bridgetah Mucharuza

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