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2015 Board Award presented to Niamh Fitzmaurice

Published 9th December, 2015
On Friday Therapy Focus Board Chair, Pete Mildenhall, had the honour of presenting the Board Award to Ellenbrook Team Speech Pathologist, Niamh Fitzmaurice, as part of staff Christmas Party celebrations. 

Therapy Focus’s annual Board Award recognises the significant contribution of an employee who exceeds expectations and continuously achieves excellence. The following is an excerpt from Niamh’s nomination, which was written by Ellenbrook Team Leader, Nicole Seath:

“If you want to find a team member who embodies the Therapy Focus promise of going above and beyond for their clients, then look no further than Niamh Fitzmaurice. Niamh is passionate about enabling all clients to have access to safe and enjoyable mealtime opportunities.”

“In addition to working for Therapy Focus, Niamh has worked part-time for the specialist feeding team at Princess Margaret Hospital for the last two years. Niamh brings the strengths from both service delivery models together to deliver a holistic and thorough approach to her families.”

“Niamh has worked tirelessly to support the progress of Therapy Focus’ Dysphagia and Mealtime Management Committee over the past two years. She has utilised her connections at Princess Margaret Hospital to support identification of procedures and policy whilst also single-handedly creating a first draft of the competency framework which was further developed with the team for use organisation wide.”

Read the full nomination.

Congratulations to 2015 Therapy Focus Board Award winner, Niamh Fitzmaurice, and to other nominees, Theresa Pastor and Samantha Berglin.

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