Seamless Transition support for school leavers

For students with disability, leaving school can be a very daunting prospect. That’s why Interchange WA has developed a cost-free transition program for students with disability in their final year of secondary school.

Interchange is a partner of Therapy Focus and specialises in providing community inclusion and independent living support to teenagers and young adults with disabilities. Their Seamless Transition Program was developed in collaboration with schools and families over many years, and helps students imagine what life after school might look like.

The first step in the program involves Interchange Community Facilitators (Support Workers) spending time in the student’s school environment to gain an understanding of their unique personality, interests and abilities. Students are then invited to take part in inclusive community activities tailored to each student’s individual goals, interests and abilities with support from their Community Facilitator.

At the conclusion of the program the student can choose to continue receiving support from Interchange if they wish. Interchange will develop an individualised program in consultation with the student’s family and their school, which aligns with goals and builds on the specific behavioural and communication programs. This process gives students and their families peace of mind as they leave school with a clear picture of who will be supporting them and what that support will look like.

Interchange has vacancies available for 2016 school leavers who are interested in taking part in their Seamless Transition program. Please contact Jess Brodie-Hall on 0404 017 385 or email office@interchangewa.org.au to register your interest or for further information.

For more information about the range of services and support Interchange provides, visit their website.