Incontinence & Toilet Training

Our PEBBLES Team provide specialist incontinence advice and support to children aged 0-16 years with a disability.

How we can help

PEBBLES stands for Providing Education on Bladder and Bowel Health, Liaison, Expert Advice and Support.

The PEBBLES team provide specialist advice and support to children with a disability who may be experiencing bladder and bowel health issues, incontinence issues and those who require support with toilet training.

This children’s incontinence service is tailored to include:

  • An assessment of their condition
  • Management options for children experiencing incontinence
  • Advice on continence and toilet training
  • Advice on continence aids (e.g. nappies and pads)
  • Referral to subsidy schemes (where the child meets the eligibility conditions)
  • Information and education for the client/family and health care professionals, education and childcare providers.

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How we work

The PEBBLES service is funded by the Disability Services Commission and managed by Therapy Focus in partnership with the Continence Advisory Service of WA.

Our children’s incontinence services are delivered by qualified healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and specialist consultants, who have a wealth of knowledge in continence issues and disabilities. The PEBBLES team works collaboratively with families, education staff, Therapy Focus therapists and other health care professionals to provide the child with a support framework catered to their needs.

PEBBLES services are delivered via home and school visits, as well as from clinics located in Cockburn (Rocky Bay clients), Fremantle, Maddington, Mirrabooka and Mandurah. Regional visits are available for families living in regional and remote areas of WA, in addition to telephone, video and web conferencing.

How to access the service

Referrals may be made to PEBBLES for children with constipation, faecal incontinence/soiling, day-time wetting, as well as advice and support for toilet training/ toileting programs, continence products and subsidies.

A child must meet the following criteria to be eligible for our PEBBLES services:

  • Aged 0-16 years.
  • Has Australian Permanent Residency status
  • Is eligible to receive disability services or has a continence condition as a result of a permanent congenital disability.
  • Have toilet training or incontinence issues, including day wetting, constipation or faecal incontinence (soiling).
  • Child does not already access continence services from a specialty continence service (e.g. Princess Margaret Hospital Continence Clinic)
  • Primary reason for continence issues is not as a result of a primary psychiatric disorder.

NB: Where bed wetting is the sole issue, referral will be made to a bed wetting clinic.

To apply for PEBBLES services, please download and complete a referral form. Referrals will be accepted from families, General Practitioners (GPs), Paediatricians, other health care professionals, education staff and childcare staff.

PEBBLES Parent/Carer/Guardian Referral Form

PEBBLES Medical Referral Form


Phone: 1300 865 401 (toll free)


enquiries@therapyfocus.org.au (for assistance with referral)

pebbles@therapyfocus.org.au (for clinical enquiries only)