Behaviour Support

Our Behaviour Support Team help individuals and families manage challenging behaviours.

How we can help

The Behaviour Support Team (BeST) consists of psychologists, behaviour analysts and social workers who work with therapists to support individuals and their families. Examples of challenging behaviours that BeST clinicians provide support for include aggression (physical and verbal), non-compliance, school refusal, anxiety, running away and self-harm. BeST clinicians work with the individual, their family and other key people to determine why the behaviour is occurring and what factors may be contributing to it. Intervention is then provided to:

  • Help the individual develop better coping skills
  • Help parents and carers to respond appropriately to behaviours
  • Help meet the individual’s needs in a more appropriate way

How we work

Brief clinic

Individuals and their parents/carers take part in five face-to-face sessions with a BeST clinician to focus on one behavioural goal. This usually takes place at a Therapy Focus clinic.

Direct intervention

A BeST clinician provides intensive support to individuals and their parents/carers over a longer period of time for behaviours that are more complex and severe.


In instances where an individual’s existing therapy team are better placed to work with the family, therapists will consult with a BeST clinician to develop intervention strategies that the family and their therapy team can implement.

Group work

BeST clinicians provide behavioural strategies and programs to parents in a structured group setting.

Our service is flexible and tailored to the needs of each individual, their family and carers.

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