Autism Assessments

What is an Autism Assessment?

An autism diagnostic assessment helps determine whether an individual meets the criteria for autism and provides information about their presentation and support needs.

How are Autism Assessments conducted?

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS -2) assessment tool and a Clinical Interview are administered by experienced therapists to provide a clinical decision based on the DSM-5 criteria.

The diagnostic process includes a comprehensive parent interview, formal observations of the child/adolescent and communication with the key people in the child/adolescent’s life (carers, teaching staff etc.) A cognitive assessment may also be conducted if required.

Assessments are conducted over one to two sessions, depending on the individual’s age and the information provided to us in a pre-assessment questionnaire. If the individual is school aged, then the first session may take place at school with permission.

At the conclusion of the autism assessment, a detailed diagnostic report will be provided. This report will be used to make future decisions about what support and development services are required.

How do I get an Autism Assessment?

Contact our friendly team at Therapy Focus to request an autism assessment appointment. Although not required, we recommend obtaining an eligible autism diagnostic assessment referral from a consultant paediatrician or psychiatrist to allow you to claim back some costs as a Medicare rebate.

What happens after the diagnosis?

The first step after an autism assessment is to contact Therapy Focus so we can begin designing an autism therapy program to meet individual needs. Our programs are tailored to provide the level of care that the diagnosis requires, with the right level of skill development and appropriate support services.

As a leading disability service organisation in Perth, we offer a range of services to help those with autism, including behaviour support and early childhood intervention, as well as support for parents and carers.

You will be appointed a Key Worker, who will become your central point of contact. Your Key Worker will work closely with you and your family, sharing knowledge, skills and information, and integrating strategies into daily routines to help manage and reduce the difficulties associated with care.

For more information about our autism assessments, please contact us today on 1300 135 373. If you’d like to make an appointment for an autism assessment, contact our Perth office closest to you (we have 14).