We offer a range of assessments to identify difficulties in a number of developmental areas.

Autism Assessments

An autism diagnostic assessment helps determine whether an individual meets criteria for autism and provides information about their presentation and support needs.

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS -2) assessment tool and a Clinical Interview are administered by experienced therapists to provide a clinical decision based on the DSM-5 criteria.  The diagnostic process includes a comprehensive parent interview, formal observations of the child/adolescent and communication with the key people in the child/adolescent’s life (carers, teaching staff etc.)  A cognitive assessment may also be conducted if required.

Assessments are conducted over one to two sessions, depending on the child’s age and the information provided to us in a pre-assessment questionnaire.  If your child is school age, then the first session may take place at school with permission.

At the conclusion of the assessment, a detailed diagnostic report will be provided. An eligible referral by a consultant paediatrician or psychiatrist for an autism diagnostic assessment is required in order to claim a Medicare rebate*.

As a leading disability service organisation in Perth, we offer a range of services to help children with Autism, including behaviour support and early childhood intervention. Early diagnosis and the subsequent ongoing therapy and care is vital to  a child’s overall development. Contact Therapy Focus today to learn more about how we can design a therapy program to meet your child’s individual needs.

Speech Pathology Assessments

A comprehensive assessment of areas such as expressive language, speech intelligibility and comprehension conducted by our qualified speech pathologists.

Occupational Therapy Assessments

A comprehensive assessments of areas such as writing, fine motor, sensory and visual perception skills conducted by our qualified occupational therapists.

Cognitive Assessments

A cognitive assessment is the formal testing of a child’s thinking, problem-solving and reasoning abilities.

Depending on the age of the child, this assessment is conducted using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) or the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI). The Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Assessment is also conducted to assess functional impact on the child’s daily living, social, language and coping skills.

These assessments are conducted by our qualified psychologists and are accepted by the Disability Services Commission‘s Eligibility Team and the Education Department.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

A Psycho-Educational assessment provides an estimate of a person’s intellectual abilities and academic strengths and weaknesses. This includes a cognitive assessment (detailed above) and a Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT) conducted by our qualified psychologists.

Language Development Centre Assessments

Our qualified psychologists and speech pathologists can conduct assessments as per the requirements of language Development Centres.